Welcome to the famous Leamside Brewery, Country Durham. An independent craft micro brewery based in Durham, we produce high quality traditional beers and ales using historic techniques and local ingredients. We are passionate about our local surroundings and history and this is reflected in the style of our beers and ales.

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A deep golden coloured session bitter. A hint of spice with soft fruit flavours and well balanced medium bitterness. Named after Adventure Pit at Rainton Colliery. O.G 1038 - A.B.V 3.8%

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A single malt, single hop combination. A straw coloured pale ale with citrus and passion fruit flavours from the New World hops. Named after the Brockwell seam at Rainton Colliery O.G 1042 - A.B.V 4.2%

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Pale gold in colour. Initial bitterness gives way to delightful citrus fruit flavours.Named after Alexandrina Pit at Rainton Colliery. O.G 1042 - A.B.V 4.1%

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A premium pale ale brewed with a blend of American hops. Well-balanced bitterness with deep fruity hop flavours. Named after Resolution Pit at Rainton Colliery. O.G 1052 - A.B.V 4.5%

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Brewed using a blend of six malts and English hops. Silky smooth mouthfeel with berry fruit flavours and hints of coffee and chocolate. Named after Five Quarter seam at Rainton Colliery.
O.G 1052 - A.B.V 4.5%

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Leamside Brewery only source the finest possible ingredients for all of our beers. Our malt is provided by Thomas Fawcett and sons. Based in Castleford Fawcett’s have been producing traditional floor malted barley for over 200 years. Traditional Maris Otter pale ale malt is the mainstay of most of our recipes.

This is supplemented to varying degrees with a variety of speciality malts to enhance the flavour and colour characteristics of each brew. The hops are supplied by Charles Faram and Simply Hops. We use both leaf and pelleted hops from the UK, Europe, America and the New World. A careful blend is used to create the distinctive aroma and taste profiles of each recipe.

Our Beers are also available in 4.5 and 9 Gallon containers for home use, perfect for BBQ's and Parties. Please contact us for more information.

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